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BLR offers a large variety of resources with the following website: offers up-to-date, reliable and practical resources to make your job easier. 

Other HR related sites: offers you the latest training, tools, legal analysis, and so much more.

Other Safety related sites: provides you with the most comprehensive state and federal environmental compliance information on the Web.

Other Environmental sites:
TrainingToday is a leading provider of online education programs for employees and supervisors that delivers practical advice and clear instructions that trainees will remember long after the training is complete.

Other Training related sites:
The online source for all of your compensation information and compliance needs. Instant access to built-in job descriptions, industrial classifications, geographic comparisons, employer size variables, and much more.

Other Compensation sites:

With helpful features such as a custom-built Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan and streamlined training programs for your oil-handling workers, you can keep the EPA and your facilities happy.

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BLR® MEDIA covers 6 daily e-newsletters and 9 blogs, which help professionals and their organizations reduce employment risk, stay on the right side of the law, keep up to date with technology, and reach their full career potential.
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