About Health Leaders Media

HealthLeaders Media is the proud winner of 10 American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors awards for 2010–including Magazine of the Year. Additional awards include five Gold Awards, one Silver Award, and three Bronze Awards, click here for the full list.

HealthLeaders Media

HealthLeaders Media is a leading multi-platform media company dedicated to meeting the business information needs of healthcare executives and professionals. As an integrated media company, HealthLeaders Media consists of the following entities: HealthLeaders magazine, HealthLeaders Media Online, HealthLeaders Media Live, HealthLeaders Media Breakthroughs, the HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Unit, and California HealthFax. All are available on the Web at

HealthLeaders Magazine

HealthLeaders magazine, winner of the 2010 ASHPE Magazine of the Year award, is the premiere resource for information on management trends, innovations, market strategies, and organizational development for more than 40,000 healthcare executives and senior decision-makers every month. As the industry’s foremost resource, HealthLeaders offers:

  • An experienced editorial team focused on healthcare’s key areas: leadership, finance, technology, physicians, community hospitals, health plans, marketing, quality, HR, and nursing
  • An unbiased source for peer-to-peer information
  • Practical information top healthcare executives rely on to support their high-level decisions
  • Award-winning editorial and analysis from leading healthcare publication agencies including the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors

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HealthLeaders Online

Winner of the 2010 ASHPE Gold Award for best online news section and best e-newsletter, is the healthcare industry’s destination of choice for online news and analysis. The Website provides intuitive navigation across the 10 major areas of the industry that HealthLeaders Media covers. These topics include: leadership, finance, technology, physicians, community hospitals, health plans, marketing, quality, HR, and nursing. Online and e-newsletter options also include the award winning HealthLeaders Media Daily News & Analysis—updated every day, throughout the day.

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Contributed Content

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HealthLeaders Media Live

HealthLeaders Media gathers thought leaders from the best healthcare organizations to share what they know has worked and brigs them to participants through this series of national events hosted at change-oriented hospitals across the country. Attend these 3–hour, live programs onsite at host facilities or via a, extended 3–hour webcast format.

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HealthLeaders Media Breakthroughs

Winner of the 2010 ASHPE Gold Award for best digital publication (HealthLeaders Media Breakthroughs December, 2009) HealthLeaders Media Breakthroughs brings industry intelligence to life through multimedia-rich case studies that showcase today’s most progressive organizations. Free to download and save to your desktop, readers will find critical solutions from top executive teams, go behind the trends with interactive charts and graphs, dive into the insights from more than 20 healthcare executives, and hear and view their advice in on-demand audio and video clips.

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HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Unit

The HealthLeaders Media Intelligence unit is the premier source for executive healthcare business research. It provides analysis and forecasts through digital platforms, printed publications, custom reports, whitepapers, conferences, roundtables, peer networking opportunities, and presentations for senior management.

The HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Unit is powered by the HealthLeaders Media Council, select members of the HealthLeaders Media audience of more than 200,000 healthcare executives.

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HealthLeaders Media Roundtables

HealthLeaders Media Roundtables are vital to our in-depth coverage of the most important issues confronting today's healthcare leaders. Each Roundtable offers insightful analysis of many sides of an issue as presented during a freewheeling discussion among healthcare industry experts. The Roundtable allows executives to learn more about such topics as the future of hospitals, new directions in employer-sponsored healthcare, the future of managed care, reinventing healthcare benefits, and the future of physician organizations.

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HealthLeaders California HealthFax

Delivered on Monday by e-mail or fax, California HealthFax contains up-to-the-minute regional updates. This concise, weekly news publication is written for busy California healthcare executives who need to stay up-to-date on the business of healthcare in a limited amount of time. California HealthFax includes in-depth coverage of the latest healthcare-related business trends, regulations, and news from across the state, including a classified section devoted to local recruitment advertising.

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