Send Training Invitation Button

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 and the 'Send Training Invitation' button does not open an email correctly in Microsoft Outlook, you may need to adjust the security settings in the browser. (We recommend checking with your IT department before making security changes)

In Internet Explorer, go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar. If you do not see your menu bar, click the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard. Under 'Tools', select 'Internet Options'.

Click on the 'Security' tab. On the 'Internet' and 'Trusted sites' screens you will need to un-check the 'Enable Protected Mode' setting. When this setting is unchecked on both the 'Internet' and 'Trusted sites' screens, click 'OK' and then close Internet Explorer. When you reopen Internet Explorer the 'Send Training Invitation' button should work for you.




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