Train with powerpoints from the website with no internet access

So what if you need to do training offsite for an employee who works in an area without internet access? The following workaround should allow you do just that.

This needs to be done on a portable laptop PC prior to beginning the training at the site with no internet access.

1. Go to the website ( for example) and login
2. Go to the Audio Power Point you want to use
3. Click on each slide (on the left hand side).
* Make sure you see every slide OK.
4. Click on the first slide and press pause.
5. Click the File menu on your browser
6. Click the "Work Offline" option
7. Put the laptop into hibernate or suspend mode.
8. Bring the laptop to the presentation area.
9. Open the laptop and turn it back on

* Login to the laptop
1. The presentation will be on your screen and you will be able to present!

Once you are done, please go to File and select "Work Offline" to put the laptop back into normal internet mode.

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