BLR History

BLR was founded in 1977 by Robert L. Brady with a mission to provide executives and decision makers with reliable, easy-to-understand analysis of the ever-increasing and complex state and federal laws.

In 1978, Brady launched his first newsletter, Personnel Manager's Legal Reporter. The Personnel Manager's Legal Reporter became the leading tool for non-lawyers to understand employment legal issues in plain, easy-to-understand English.

In 1984, BLR introduced a line of state-law compliance looseleaf books—beginning with What to do About Personnel Problems in New York State.  These award-winning books are benchmark tools delivering detailed, state-based, actionable information to HR, compliance, safety, and environmental practitioners worldwide. These include:

Our award-winning line of training solutions started in 1997 with our still-popular, 7-Minute Safety Trainer. This line has expanded to live webinars, videos, DVDs, and PowerPoint® presentations and today includes titles such as:

BLR launched its Web-based business in 1998. First launching our online catalog and then each of our award-winning compliance portals:

In 2000, the company launched a website that was both fun and informative—the HR Challenge. That was so popular, we launched a few more. These have grown into award-winning and industry-leading resources that professionals depend on each and every day. Today these websites include:

In 2001, BLR acquired California Employer Resources (formerly known as the Employer Resource Institute). Today, it's the leading provider of award-winning compliance information services for California employers.

In 2004, BLR launched Web-based applications such as the Job Description Manager. All of our Web-based applications are available individually or as part of our compliance portals. Current on-demand applications include:

In 2007, BLR launched Custom Solution Services, providing tailored versions of BLR solutions for large organizations worldwide. Our CSS line helps leading organizations meet compliance obligations and manage risk, includuing three of the top five insurance brokerages in the United States.

In 2008, BLR brought its industry-leading training solution online, launching the BLR Employee Training Center. It was voted Best Workforce Training Solution in the 2009 SIIA CODiE Awards.

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